Focused and targeted libraries

In our research, we have discovered various methods to create compound selections that are both diverse and highly specialized. We have compiled a list of more than 100 pre-designed libraries that are focused and targeted. If you have specific screening requirements, we can create a custom selection for you in 1-2 weeks. Our team of experts in computational analysis, structural biology, synthetic chemistry, and medicinal chemistry keeps up with the latest trends in structure-based drug discovery. We continuously add new and unique compounds to our libraries that target multiple protein domains, pathways, cellular processes, and more. Some examples of our biased libraries include compounds that modulate protein-protein interactions, influence stem cell differentiation, induce apoptosis, regulate proteasome cascade (including diverse ligases), affect autophagy, impact epigenetic machinery, target quiescent cancer cells in the cell cycle, influence motor proteins, regulate mitochondrial homeostasis and cell energy, target viruses, bacteria genomes, influence protein folding machinery (including scaffolding proteins and chaperones), and many others. Additionally, we have developed screening sets for agrochemical purposes. Our approach involves analyzing available chemical and biological data, identifying key targets and pathways, assessing the potential of targets to be influenced by compounds using computational and wet biology techniques. Based on this information, our synthetic team designs scaffolds that are likely to interact with the designated targets, resulting in focused compound libraries. We update these libraries on a quarterly basis to incorporate new insights from molecular and cell biology, the availability of novel ligands, and emerging trends in disease areas.